Attitudes towards the Refugee Situation (Einstellungen zur Flüchtlingssituation [EZFS]) (2016-2018)

After the so-called 'refugee crisis' has peaked in 2015, opinions about refugees in and the governmental and societal obligations towards refugees are polarized. In this study we aim to find out how the majority population in Germany thinks about the 'refugee situation'. Next to questions regarding the governments' ability to deal with the refugee situation, we are particularly interested in what Germans perceive as fair when it comes to the financial contribution towards accepted asylum seekers. We apply a unique experimental design using a vignette study in order to understand, which amount of financial support native Germans perceive as fair and how their perception is influenced by certain characteristics of the accepted asylum seekers. 

We thereby contribute to one of the most heated discussions, namely the redistribution of  government money to asylum seekers and how this is perceived by the majority population. This study is financed by the Independent Research Start-up Grant  and the Konstanzia Fellowship (University of Konstanz).

The preliminary methods report (german) and codebook (german) can be found here and here.

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