Since 2/2018    Assistant Professor, University of Groningen

2/2015-4/2018  Post-Doc NORFACE project 'Migrants'Attitudes towards the Welfare State'(MIFARE),                                                        Prof. Claudia Diehl, University of Konstanz

4/2015               PhD defense 'Over-Education of Immigrants in Germany'(magna cum laude), Berlin Graduate School                            of Social Science,  Berlin Humboldt University

                           Supervisors: Professor Ruud Koopmans and Professor Anette Fasang

9/2009-6/2011   Master of Science in Sociology and Social Research, Graduate School of Social and Behavioral                                       Science, Utrecht University

                           Master thesis: Job Search Methods among Non-Western Immigrants in the Netherlands. GPA: 3.9

                           Supervisor: Professor Frank van Tubergen

9/2006-6/2009   Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Chair of Statistics and Social Methods, University of Mannheim

                           Bachelor thesis: Social Capital-an International Comparison. The Influence of Social Capital and                                     Political Trust on the Satisfaction with Democracy in Germany and the Netherlands. GPA: 3.8

                           Supervisor: Professor Joseph Brüderle


2/2016                Independent Research Start-Up Grant (IRSG), Zukunftskolleg, University of Konstanz

9/2015-2/2017   Konstanzia Fellowship, University of Konstanz

4/2013-2/2015   Doctoral scholarship awarded by the German National Academic Foundation (Studienstiftung des                                 deutschen Volkes)

10/2011-3/2013 Doctoral scholarship awarded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), funded by the Initiative                                 for Excellence Program of the German Federal and State Governments

9/2010-8/2011   German Academic Exchange Service (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst  [DAAD]

9/2010-8/2011   Student Scholarship awarded by the German National Academic Foundation (Studienstiftung des                                   deutschen Volkes)

9/2009-8/2011   Utrecht Excellence Scholarship, Utrecht University, Netherlands


12/2016             Visiting scholar, Aalborg University, Department of Political Science, Aalborg, Denmark                                                    (Professor Christian Larsen)

1/2014 – 2/2015 Guest researcher, Berlin Social Science Center (WZB), Research Unit “Migration, Integration and                                      Transnationalization”, Berlin, Germany ( Professor Ruud Koopmans)

9/2013-12/2013  Visiting Assistant in Research, Centre of Research on Inequalities and Life Course (CIQLE),                                                Yale University, New Haven, USA  (Professor Richard Breen)

2/2013-3/2013    Guest researcher , Economic Change, Quality of Life and Social Cohesion  (EQUALSOC)                                                  Oxford University, Oxford, England (Professor Nan Dirk de Graaf and Professor Duncan Gallie)

9/2012-11/2012  Guest researcher , Institute of Social Science, University of ZurichZurich,  Switzerland                                                          (Professor Marc Szydlik)

12/2011- 4/2015 Guest researcher, research unit Migration, Integration, Transnationalization,                                                                         WZB Social Science Center Berlin (Professor Ruud Koopmans)


9/2018-11/2018 Co-teaching Bachelor Lecture Social and Institutional Change, Department of Sociology,                                                 University of Groningen

10/2016-2/2017 Bachelor Seminar Migration and Gender, Department of Sociology, University of Konstanz

4/2016-7/2016 Bachelor Seminar Migration and the Welfare State, Department of Sociology, University of Konstanz


9/2012-1/2013  University of Zurich (Professor Marco van Steenbergen and Professor Thomas Gautschi), Zurich,                                      Switzerland


2/2009-6/2009 Teaching Assistant for Social Structures and Processes, Chair of Macro Sociology, University of                                          Mannheim ( Professor Bernhard  Ebbinghaus), Mannheim, Germany


10/2018 "Migrants as beneficiaries of the welfare state? - A migrant perspective", Community in Crisis Workshop, Zeppelin University, Friedrichshafen, Germany

10/2017 The Compatibility of Work and Family Life among Female Migrants in Europe"". Sociology Department, Zurich University

4/2017 “Why Family Matters: A Gender Perspective on the Emergence of Social Contacts to Natives among  Migrants in Germany”, RC28 Spring Conference “Social Stratification and Mobility”, Cologne, Germany

4/2017 “Educational Trajectories and Migration Background” (with Maarten Buis, University of Konstanz), ”, RC28 Spring Conference “Social Stratification and Mobility”, Cologne, Germany

8/2016 “The Family’s Influence on Inter-Ethnic Contact among Immigrants: A Gender Perspective”, RC28 Spring Conference “Economic  Inequalities, Deprivation, and Poverty”, Bern, Switzerland

7/2016 “Migrants’ Attitudes to Childcare. An explorative Overview of ten Migrant Groups’ Attitudes to formal childcare in the Netherlands  and Denmark”, 4th European Social Survey Conference, Lausanne, Switzerland

1/2016 “Barriers for Female Migrants on the German Labor Market”, Key note speaker, Conference of Migrantinnen-Netzwerk Bayern, Nürnberg, Germany

11/2015 Expert participant at public panel discussion about “Immigration, Integration, Intolerance!?”, Science controversial, Wissenschaft im Dialog and Südkurier Newspaper,  

7/2014 “Social Support in Partnerships and Immigrant Labor Market Outcomes in Germany?”, XVIII International Sociological Association World Congress of Sociology,RC28 Spring Conference “Social Stratification and Mobility”, Yokohama, Japan

5/2014 “Immigrant Over-Education in Germany: Human Capital Variation or Skill Underutilization?”, International Sociological Association, RC28 “Social Stratification and Mobility”, Central European University Budapest, Hungary

2/2014 “The Partner’s Role in Immigrant Labor Market Integration: Informational, Instrumental and Emotional Support” Graduate Network  Conference, Sciences Po, Paris

3/2013 “Determinants of Over-Education among newly arrived immigrants in Germany”, Graduate Network Conference, London School of  Economics and Political Science, London

3/2012 “Qualified Immigrants in Germany and Great Britain: The Risk of becoming Over-Educated and its Consequences for the Occupational Pathway”, Graduate Network Conference, Berlin, Germany

3/2012 “Qualified Immigrants in Germany and Great Britain: The Risk of becoming Over-Educated and its Consequences for the Occupational Pathway”, Graduate Network Conference, Berlin, Germany

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